Cats Available for Adoption

Below is a small listing of the many cats we have for adoption.

Tchaikovsky & Debussy (Born: August 22/21) Tchaikovsky & Debussy are the typical brothers who sometimes annoy each other but mostly enjoy having grand adventures together. I’m not saying these two are bonded and have to together but they will need another cat around to keep them busy as they are active, curious kittens when they’re not looking for cuddles.
Schumann (Born: August 22/21) Schumann’s big eyes take in everything. A lot of the times she runs from things she doesn’t understand but she makes up for it by clearing the bed of blanket monsters.
Aretha Aretha here WAS a little more wild rather than feral. She had had her kittens in a construction site that was in a quiet community. She knew people had food but she really wanted nothing to do with them other than that. However, she was not in a safe situation so we trapped her and brought her and her kittens to foster. Her kittens grew up and Aretha has been spayed but she is still shy around people. She likes her safe space and sitting in the sunshine and when you take the time to get to know her, her purr is golden.
Murphy Murphy is a loner. I think he’s a loner because he doesn’t like to share but he says he just likes things the way he likes them and other animals just kind of mess that up. He’s 6, so he is a little bit of a gentlemen rather than one of those punk kittens, and he has a ton of love and life left to give yet. After all, 6 in cat years is only 40 in people years and I don’t know if you’ve ever told a 40 yr old that they were practically ancient but I wouldn’t suggest it (unless you had an escape route). Anyways, Murphy is a great, big cat in all sorts of ways and needs someone who’ll motivate him to move and love him for who he is.
JoJo JoJo is a sweet pillow of a girl who loves her attention! She would love to laze around with you and whatever your favorite show is, she will like it too! Would she like to have you all to herself? Of course! Will she share you with another cat? If she really, really has to but she’d rather not have the competition
Dash Dash is actually a shy little man, even though he does have some energy! He’s looking for a quiet house with someone who can give him unlimited scritches, doesn’t move too fast and likes to spend money on toys that he will hide under your couch so you’ll buy him more toys. Younger children need not apply! They just move in unexpected ways and smell funny.
Sarah Sarah is a sweet little thing. She came in after her family moved away and left her outside, so she’s mildly curious as to why she’s with us. But she’s taking it all in stride. Regular meals, good pets – it’s all something she lacked for a few months and now she gets them aplenty! However, she would really like a window to look out of or a pillow to steal.
Genie We cannot believe Genie is still with us. This beautiful boy was left outside over the winter, causing him to have severe frostbite where part of his ear and a portion of his tail is now gone. Does that make him less eye catching? Of course not! The only downside I can see about his boy is that he likes dirty laundry, so you might have to watch your socks after a long day.
Lago Lago’s all black, from his nose to his tail and all of his toe beans. He’s also one of the sweetest kittens I’ve seen. Of course he likes to play, he’s a kitten, but he really likes to know what’s going on. Just imagine a toddler following you, quietly asking “why?” all the time. What you cookin? Is that for me? That’s a super soft blanket – how long can I nap for? What’s in the cupboard? Those bags look fun to play with! What’re the birds doing? Are they for me?
Tahoe This boy talks back and bosses you around and won’t stay still for a picture but he will if you’re ignoring him while also yelling at you for your audacity! Tahoe’s a sweet boy, he’s just not your typical cat. He likes to talk, he lands his jumps like an elephant and he does as he pleases… ok, well that one’s pretty cat typical… Anyways, he’s looking for someone to train – I mean, someone to love and spend the rest of his days with