Cats Available for Adoption

Below is a small listing of the many cats we have for adoption.

Torino (Born: June 12/20) Torino is the last of his family to find a home. Can he hunt mice? No. Can he tell you when his food dish is perilously close to being empty? He sure can! And he doubles wonderfully as a weighted blanket.
Tchaikovsky & Debussy (Born: August 22/21) Tchaikovsky & Debussy are the typical brothers who sometimes annoy each other but mostly enjoy having grand adventures together. I’m not saying these two are bonded and have to together but they will need another cat around to keep them busy as they are active, curious kittens when they’re not looking for cuddles.
Schumann (Born: August 22/21) Schumann’s big eyes take in everything. A lot of the times she runs from things she doesn’t understand but she makes up for it by clearing the bed of blanket monsters.