Dogs Available for Adoption

Below are a few of the dogs available for adoption.

Cinder What to say about Cinder? If she were human, her favorite movies would be the good Fast and Furious movies and Underground 6 – great chase scenes! – but her secret favorite would be Ever After. She would spend all of her time finding the best mountain trails and making vintage cars go really fast. Cinder needs someone who knows how to deal with working dogs, heelers in particular. She needs that person to know that she’s only going to like one or two people in her life and getting to know more will be challenging. She needs someone who will continue training her and be firm and consistent.
Romeo Romeo has had his first set of shots so we can really work on those walks now! Which is good, because they’re not terribly good at “fetch” yet but we’re working on that too. Are you going to ask what breed these guys are? We’re not sure. They were found in a ditch so we don’t have their background story but the guesses have settled somewhere between Pyreneese and heeler mix, which means they’re going to be big dogs.
Barkley Is Barkley handsome? Well, ya, look at him! Is he big enough to tote a half inflated basketball around like his favorite stuffed animal? Absolutely! Does he still think he’s a lap dog? Of course. Does he have some quirks? Well, ya, you can’t be perfect about everything. He’s super affectionate and just wants to love on you all the time. Sometimes he forgets how big he is, which just reminds you how not squishable you actually are. So he’s sort of apprehensive about the dark and he’s spent a long time learning how to walk with you (leash walking was kind of a new thing for him) and sometimes he wants to chase cars and sometimes he wants to hide from them.
Grey Grey is a sweet girl who loves to go for walks and still has that puppy energy. She needs someone who is willing to be patient and work through her puppy energy with her.
Teddy Teddy likes his people. That’s it. He doesn’t need a big circle of friends or time at a dog park, he needs his (very few) people and his own yard and a chew toy he can call his own and that’ll make him a very happy boy! What does that mean? It means he’ll need someone who’s committed to getting to know him, who’ll understand that if he doesn’t like you right away it’s just because he needs to know he can trust you, and that takes time. Teddy is a no cats, no dogs, no kids kind of man. Is he a good boy? Most definitely! Will he be forever loyal to his people? Of course! He just comes with boundaries.
Daisy Daisy is a beautiful dog but like our other long term residents, she is also looking for a very particular sort of person. Daisy needs structure and consistency and lots of activity and that in itself is a lot for anyone to handle, but she also needs someone that understands that she’s not going to be a snuggler or allowed on the couch or great at parties. She needs rules and structure and she hates surprises! We’re not giving up on her! We know that there’s someone out there willing to give her a home life but until then her walks are many and consisitent, her rules are plentiful and followed.
Newton Newton is still a very good boy and we’ve been working on his leash manners but he still gets so darned excited about going! Also he still really wants to chase things but he’s getting the hang of keeping pace to the person he’s walking.
Avery Isn’t Avery beautiful, with her bat ears making up for the little stub of a tail she has? She was born with that little tail, btw. There are a few herding breeds with naturally occurring stubs for tails and Avery has all the herding animals in her and none of the training. Which is more than enough to get her in trouble even though she was just trying to help. Avery is looking for someone who’s keen on learning more about herding dogs and what to do with them when they’re not actually working! And keen on walks! And has the treats!